Apple means business in India, iPhone X launch date is a marker

The iPhone X
is launching in India on November 3, 2017. This is a marker. There has never been more clearer indicator that Apple is dead serious about India. Why? Because this is the same day the iPhone X is launching in the US; for the first time India is in the first wave for an iPhone launch.

Apple has been struggling with production issues with the iPhone X — particularly new components like the face recognition system and the OLED screen which ironically has been manufactured by Samsung.

But despite that, India is amongst the first wave of countries. Amongst the first 57 though which is an unusually large number for a first wave of an iPhone, but hey, it is Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone. It may cost Rs 89,000, but Apple wants the entire world to experience it.

Apple could’ve just said we are having production issues and decided to focus on its core markets considering the expensive nature of the phone — India may not be a high volume play for the company. Yet, it is coming to us in time.

A bigger deal could be the September 29 launch date for the
Apple Watch Series 3
and the
iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
models in India. Now, this isn’t first wave — but second wave is good enough because we’ve never seen an iPhone land in India 17 days of an official announcement.

could’ve also gone crazy with the pricing
of the new iPhones in India, however, it kept things close to what were last year. In fact, the iPhone 8 Plus 256GB model costs less than the 256GB model of the iPhone 7 Plus at Rs 86,000.

The thing is India doesn’t have Apple stores and till the regulatory hurdles Apple has in India to have these stores, we many never see an iPhone launch on the same day as the US in India. Apple likes people to experience these products in their full glory in its own beautiful stores but it hasn’t been able to make them in India as Indian regulations require a single branded retail chain to have products that most core components sourced and made in India which isn’t the case for Apple’s products.

manufacturing partners
are ramping up these capabilities in India however we are still some time away from this being a reality.

In this respect, Samsung Apple’s arch-rival has a leg up on it in India as it is also a components and manufacturing powerhouse and it uses its own components which it makes out here in India.

Apple only designs its components and outsources the manufacturing to third parties like Foxconn. Till that happens, we may not see Apple in full throttle in India. But the fact that the iPhone X is launching in India on the same day as the US is a big marker.