Exclusive: Dolby Atmos support comes to Netflix

Netflix is one of the biggest video streaming platforms today. It recently added support for 4K content as well as HDR. Today the company has added another technology enhancement to further improve the viewer experience.

Starting today, Netflix will support Dolby Atmos audio. “I’m pleased to announce the addition of Dolby Atmos support on Netflix beginning with Okja, a critically-acclaimed film directed by Bong Joon Ho that made its recent debut at the Cannes Film Festival, and is available globally on Netflix starting today,” said Greg Peters, Chief Product Officer at Netflix.

Apart from Okja, Dolby Atmos support will also be available for a select number of titles that will be coming later. The initial set of titles include:

BLAME! (July 28)

Death Note (August 25)

Bright (December)

Wheelman (2017)

Dolby Atmos basically allows up to 128 audio tracks plus the audio description metadata to be distributed for optimal, dynamic rendering to loudspeakers. Basically it delivers high quality immersive sound that places and moves audio anywhere in the room, including overhead to give a more realistic experience. Dolby Atmos primarily started off with cinema theatres and now it has been made available in smartphones as well has home theatre systems.

Of course one would need hardware that supports Dolby Atmos like a home theatre system, a sound bar or headphones. Dolby Atmos streaming was recently announced on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox One S while support for 2017 LG OLED TVs is coming soon.