Forget the iPhones, the coolest thing about the Apple event was the music!

Apple’s events have always been the grandest affair in tech. Steve Jobs was a master showman and he set the precedent for all the special events Apple organised to launch its products. And while you may argue whether Apple’s products are worth your shit or not, you can’t really say anything against Apple’s impeccable taste in music. The Cupertino giant loves to dazzle with the music it chooses as the soundtrack to their product videos and this year’s
iPhone X launch event
was no different.

Apple’s choice of music have always been noteworthy. The music in the Apple commercials have often defined the products and the obsession around them and catapulted artists into prominence. Right after a product video airs for the first, searches for the music spike and the artists end up rolling deep in gold. Black Eyed Peas will be indebted to Apple for its use of
“Hey Mama” during the iPod commercial in 2008
and so will CSS for Apple’s iPod touch commercial when it used
“Music is my Hot, Hot Sex”

So when this year an independent artist from England saw her
artwork of her EP featured in the presentation
, she freaked out and that got us listing out all the music that resonated inside the Steve Jobs theatre last Tuesday.

All you Need is Love — Beatles

The iPhone X event started with John Lennon’s famous words, “Nothing you can do that can’t be done”, showing off the newly built Apple Park that was envisioned by Steve Jobs. With the trumpet intro, Lennon’s words and the whole avant garde arrangement of the track, Apple nailed it with using “All you need is Love.” It instantly resonated with Apple’s philosophy of going and building something for the people, purely out of love (and of course to rake in billions of dollars) and set the tone for the rest of the event.

Invincible — Big Wild (feat. IDA HAWK)

This fluid, soulful track by Big Wild was featured in the Apple Watch Series 3 presentation video when Jeff Williams unveiled the 3rd generation Apple Watch. Apple only used a tiny portion of the music though and that was enough to make people search for the music. We Shazam’d it and was instantly hooked to the dreamy vocals and the sick, sick drops in this one.

Misbehavin’ — Labrinth

The second Apple Watch Series 3 video that Tim Cook ended the Apple Watch presentation with had some badass funk in the form of Labrinth’s Misbehavin’. The bluesy, funky track by the English artist is a delight to listen.

Area — MagnusTheMagnus

The award winning Swedish DJ and producer was all over the Apple event on Tuesday. His music was the soundtrack to our first look at the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. The first was the nimble and ambient track, Area that slowly builds up to a synth crescendo with breaks and twists. The track adds to the exquisite charm of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. The track feels like a piece of a western classical till it drops the beats much like how the iPhone 8 feels old at first glance and then it dazzles.

Keep on Lovin’ — MagnusTheMagnus (feat. Seinabo Sey)

The second track by the Swedish DJ was used to give us the first look at the iPhone X. Just after Tim Cook’s “one more thing”, Tim Cook spoke about the phone that is going to define the next decade of technology and the screen cut to an ubercool video teasing the bezel-less marvel.

MagnusTheMagnus’ track here is simply perfect. A silhouetted face glowing with the rainbowesque hue from the iPhone X falls and the keyboard intro breaks into drums and bass ushering in the next big thing in tech. This one is grand and has been playing in our newsroom ever since.

Best Friend — Sofi Tukker (feat. NERVO & The Knocks & Alisa Ueno)

The final and most amazing commercial during the launch was that of the iPhone X after Tim Cook closed the presentation with his thank you. Apple’s most radically different iPhone needed a song to match the enthusiasm and the house music duo’s banging new track “Best Friend” was the perfect. The lines “You are my new best friend and we’ve got some things to do” is what we have been telling to the new iPhone in our mind ourselves. And for good reason. Going by the surging popularity after the commercial, this track is all set to become the anthem of this year!