Samsung will make more moolah out of the iPhone X than the Galaxy S8

In the tech industry, it’s really difficult to say who is a rival of whom in a clear cut manner. On the face of it, two companies will likely be competing to get its products in the hands of people. But delve a bit deeper, you will notice the so-called rivals are helping out each other to do it. Take Apple and Samsung for example. The rivalry between the two companies are well documented. But the funny part is, Samsung is going to earn a lot of money for every iPhone X that Apple sells.

How so, you may ask? That’s because Apple is dependent on Samsung for supplying two key components of the
iPhone X

the battery and the display, as stated in a teardown report.

Apple has used an OLED screen for the first time on an iPhone and Samsung is the undisputed king of OLED panels in the world. Since Apple only uses the highest quality components in its products, Samsung was the most logical solution. And Samsung is going to be handsomely rewarded for it.

According to a report
, Samsung is likely going to earn $110

roughly Rs 7200) on every unit of the iPhone X. Considering Apple will be selling a considerable number of units of its most expensive phone, Samsung will fill its coffers with the spoils.

In fact, if Apple sells 130 million iPhone X units, as analysts predict it will, Samsung is going to earn more from that than from the sale of the
Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus
, its flagship phones from this year.

After the
Note 7 disaster
last year, Samsung made amends and implemented strict measures to ensure safety in the battery. As a result, Samsung currently ships the most efficient and safe battery and Apple obviously wanted in on it.

And this isn’t the first time such a thing has happened. Rivals Microsoft and Google are yet another example. Microsoft actually earns more money out of Android OEMs than it does from the sale of Windows phones, even when Windows phones were in its prime. That’s because of the patents Microsoft has licensed out to OEMs to implement in their devices. And Microsoft makes more money out of royalties than sales of Windows phone. It’s a wild, wild world, isn’t it?