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The Apple Watch Series 3 is here and it can now work on its own

Apple Watch has singlehandedly kept the smartwatch market afloat. It is the largest selling smartwatch ever. So of course Apple came out with a new one. Meet the Apple Watch Series 3. If the previous ones were all about keeping you fit, the Apple Watch Series 3 might even keep you alive.

The Apple Watch Series 3 can keep better track of your heart rate. By partnering up with universities through something called Apple Heart Study, Apple will be able to predict irregular heart beats and eventually predict whether you’re having an heart attack. That’s huge!

Powered by WatchOS 4, the Apple Watch can now function independently on its own. It now has cellular connectivity. What does it bring on the table, you might ask? Well, it can now take calls using the same number as your iPhone’s, it can stream music from Apple Music, and there will be Siri by your side.. err, wrist.

Siri can now talk to you, along with texting you through the Apple Watch. That is enabled courtesy a new Dual-core processor that deliver 70 per cent more power. There is also the wireless W2 chip that uses 40 per cent less power and there is a barometric altimeter to account for your stair climbs. Here’s the best part though. The display of the Apple Watch itself is the cellular antenna and there is an electronic SIM integrated inside the watch. There is no change in the size though.

With cellular connectivity, iPhone users can make calls without using their iPhones at all. The mic is super powerful and through a live demonstration, we figure it can heard in a windy environment as well. Just talk to the hand!

Also, behold! There’s a new Sport Loop woven band for sports freaks. Some more new colours and bands. And a new dark grey ceramic body.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will retail for $399 and $329 without cellular connectivity. Yes, there’s two variants. The Series 2 got a price cut to $249. The cellular variant is restricted to 9 countries and 14 carriers for now while the non-cellular version will become available in 26 countries. In India, the Apple Watch Series 3 will start from Rs 29,900 and will be available from September 29th.