The EIS update in the OnePlus 5 massively improves video recording

The OnePlus 5 is a
photographer’s phone
and we have written extensively about how it has been hailed as something that would delight a
professional photographer
. But when it launched, there was something missing. The OnePlus 5 lacked the stabilisation that is much needed while shooting videos. In a recent update to OxygenOS, OnePlus enabled Electronic Image Stabilisation

EIS) for videos and it is a massive, massive update in terms of improving the quality of 4K videos.

While OnePlus doubled down on providing one of the better imaging experiences out there, with its dual camera setup, its video recording capabilities were criticised. It was a much talked about omission. Now that has changed.

The biggest change the update brought is how clean the videos now turn out. There are no shakes even when panning and zooming and the output is quite professional.

EIS also improves the zoom on the OnePlus 5. Even DSLR cameras struggle to keep the frame steady when zoomed in and the OnePlus 5 was no different. That has improved significantly after the update.

Similarly, with 4K videos shot at 30 frames per second, the shakes can be telling without proper stabilisation as the camera records less frames per second. This is where the EIS changes the game completely resulting in polished videos that can please a professional videographer.

Not that you
needed more reasons
to shell out your money for the OnePlus 5, the EIS update cannot be more convincing.