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The New Apple Watch Is Basically Also a Smartphone

Image: Screenshot

It might look the same, but the latest smartwatch from Apple sounds like it will be a lot more powerful. Today, at an event held in the brand new Steve Jobs Theater on the soon to open Apple Campus, Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer at Apple showed off the Apple Watch Series 3, which features a new processor that should make it faster and more power efficient, but, more crucial, cellular connectivity.

The latter is considered a major boon, as with cellular support the new Apple Watch will not need a phone in order to pull of crucial smartwatch tasks like texts, voice calls, and weather forecasts. The new connectivity should also allow the Series 3 to do things like allow wearers to chuck the phone and navigate via Apple Maps, listen to music on ones wireless headphones, or even order takeout.


LTE has previously been excluded from Apple wearable for alleged battery reasons. A little antenna constantly calling into the ethers for data will drain a device that already has only 24-48 hours of solid use. The new processor, plus a rumored change to the Apple Watch’s display supposedly finally made the LTE Apple Watch possible.

And Apple is going to need a cool factor if it hopes to fend off Fitbit, who is launching its own smartwatch, the Ionic, next month. While that watch won’t have LTE it will have nearly a week of battery life.