With iPhone X, Apple finally showcases a bezel-less screen, FaceID and an improved camera for AR

The iPhone launch this year is special. Unlike every year, this is the first launch event to happen in the Steve Jobs theatre inside Apple’s new headquarters. But more than that, this is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Steve Jobs took the stage ten years back at the Macworld 2007 and unveiled the iPhone. Anyone would agree the iPhone changed the game completely. It is the reason why companies like Nokia and Blackberry had gone out of business and are only coming back now. But ten years down the line, the iPhone did somewhat loose its sheen in the face of Samsung, HTC, Huawei and the likes vehemently innovating under Android OS. So, Apple took the opportunity of the 10th anniversary and managed to bridge the gap between its rivals.

Meet the iPhone X. Named fondly after its age, we are quite ready to believe Phil Schiller this time when he said,

this is the best iPhone we have ever made.” This is an iPhone which you can recognise from a mile away. It’s borderless, or what tech connoisseurs like to call it, bezel-less. That’s half the reason why the iPhone X stands out. For the first time, Apple has used a 5.8-inch OLED panel for the display. And that makes all the difference. This is indeed the best looking iPhone ever.

It has the highest resolution in an iPhone ever. 2436×1125 with a 455 PPI. Apple is calling it the Super Retina Display and it supports HDR in Dolby Vision and HDR10 as well as True Tone. And of course it’s water and dust resistant.

Just FYI, the iPhone X starts from Rs 89,000 in India.

Oh, and you can just tap the screen or raise it to wake up the iPhone X.

Apple used a customised panel which is cut out from the middle to accommodate the front camera and the sensors and the result is gorgeous. It now feels like there is a display and somewhere underneath, there is a phone.

What the edge-to-edge display also means is that Apple had to give the iconic home button the boot. There is no physical home button on the iPhone X. That means there is no TouchID either.
All you have to do now is to swipe up from the bottom to unlock the phone.
But before you lament about not being able to use your finger to unlock, get this. The iPhone now needs just your face to unlock.
Yes, FaceID!

Named the True Depth camera system
, the iPhone X uses
an infrared camera, flood illuminator and a dot projector to
se your face and
you to
unlock the phone.
Neural networks are also involved and Apple claimed the chances of someone else unlocking the phone using FaceID is one in a million. Apple also claimed wearing a hat, specs or a new hairstyle will not fool FaceID. Hollywood mask makers are also involved apparently to prevent FaceID from being fooled.

Of course, there is the old pass code to fall back on. But it is unlikely you are going to need it.

Like we said, underneath the gorgeously bright
Super Retina
OLED display lies a phone. That phone is powered by the new Apple A11
Bionic chipset.

The chipset has six cores alongside a dedicated dual-core neural engine that performs 600 billions operations per second. Apple has always done its AI processing right inside the phone, and now it’s even better.

Using the neural engine and motion tracking, Apple has introduced a new way of socialising virtually. Animojis! Animated emojis that are controlled by your face. Its expressions can be controlled through your muscle movements and can be used to create animated voice messages. Apple has worked with Snap Inc. to introduce new face filters that are built according to your face and facial movements. Yes. The poop emoji can now speak in your voice with your expressions.

The iPhone X also has dual cameras, but are vertically arranged. It uses a similar wide angle and telephoto lens setup but with a wider aperture of f/2.4 in the telephoto lens allowing 34 per cent more light to come in. Both lenses are now optically stabilised and there are now 4 LED flashes to help with the lighting.

The front camera on the iPhone X now supports Portrait mode using the same True Depth Camera.

Everything said and done, the iPhone X also lasts longer than the iPhone 7, 2 hours more to be precise. Of course, there is wireless charging using Qi Wireless Charging standard. Apple introduced a wide charging mat called AirPower that can simultaneously charge the iPhone, Apple Watch the AirPods. The charger is coming next year though.

But we know what you were really waiting for. The iPhone X is priced at $999. Yes, you read that right. In India, the iPhone X will start from Rs 89,000. You’ll need to sell both of your kidneys it seems. Apple is providing 64GB and 256GB variants in Silver and Space Grey colours. The iPhone X will be available for pre-orders from October 27th and will ship from November 3rd.